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Accustep From Intelligent Motion Systems Eliminate Stalling

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Accustep From Intelligent Motion Systems Eliminate Stalling

Accustep From Intelligent Motion Systems Eliminate Stalling

AccuStep is an all-in-one step motor system integrated with new motion control technology that prevents unintentional stalling due to transient or continued overload, extreme acceleration or deceleration, or excessive slew speed.

The Technology

AccuStep control technology is hardware based for real-time response. It continually monitors the relationship between the rotor and stator at sub-microsecond intervals, and will not allow that relationship to exceed the point where synchronization is lost. Delivering smooth movement while eliminating unintentional stalling, AccuStep technology will never lose functional control of the motor.

The Applications

AccuStep motion systems can be used in a wide range of motion control applications, including point-to-point positioning, conveyor control, web handling, drilling, rotary and linear positioning, machining, low end camming and many more.

The Benefits

AccuStep not only combines the benefits of servo and step motor technologies but delivers unique capabilities and enhancements over both with:

No loss of synchronization;
Variable current / torque;
Real time control;
No tuning;
Enhanced motor performance; and
Energy savings with variable current control.

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